Jody comes to AZSDS from Connecticut, with over 30 years of healthcare experience. She is one of only a handful of practitioners nationwide to possess dual credentials in Acupuncture and Athletic Training, making her the premier Sports Medicine Acupuncturist in the area. Jody has a BS in Athletic Training from Springfield College, an MA in Exercise Physiology from UNC-Chapel Hill and graduated first in her class from the New York College of Health Professions.

For over 20 years, Jody has taken an integrative Eastern and Western approach to orthopedic injuries, pain management and sports medicine. She has successfully treated professional, Olympic and other elite athletes, as well as recreational participants and arm chair quarterbacks. Jody is particularly proficient at evaluating and treating difficult to manage injuries and returning patients safely back to activity. She is also certified in FAKTR and Dynamic Taping, along with a host of other manual therapy skills. In addition, she serves as a teaching assistant for Structure and Function Dry Needling classes several times per year. Jody really enjoys helping everyone find their inner athlete, regardless of their level of competition!

In her free time, Jody enjoys providing acupuncture therapy to under served populations around the world. So far she traveled to Peru, India and Mexico for medical missions. Jody loves to hike and play pickle-ball, is studying Spanish and lives with an Abyssinian cat named Grace Adler!


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