That’s a wrap

Sorry it’s taken a while to finish up the trip on this blog…sidetracked by the most recent school
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Stairways to heaven

Lots of stairs in Peru…lots and lots of stairs! Proof that every now and again, we went DOWN
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Magical Machu Picchu

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity after all the work was said and done, to travel to Machu Picchu.
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The amount of trust these Peruvians showed us, continues to warm my heart. It’s a bit
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Buena Vista

Project Buena Vista is the love child of our fearless leader, Laura Reyda and her husband Flor.
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Her name was Lola…

Moving our camp from Pilcopata to Buena Vista involved a 45 minute van ride and a 30 minute
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Pilcopata Clinic #1

Let’s get started! This is what we came for…acupuncture in the jungle! We worked 2 days
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From the Andes to the rain forest..

Day 2 we packed up all our food and acupuncture supplies into a van and headed
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Coca tea and Big White Jesus

My outreach mission completed, it’s time to try and share some of the beauty of this land
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My latest adventure…

What will the faces look like in Peru?! I decided it was time to find out. So in April, I’ll be off for 2
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Acupuncture vs Dry Needling…

Full disclaimer. I am a licensed Acupuncturist. And, after a wonderful weekend with Sue
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Acupuncture Therapy: Tools of the Trade

Everybody thinks needles, of course, when you refer to Acupuncture Therapy. Rightly so! But
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Dynamic Taping

I love #Dynamic Taping. The tape itself stretches in every direction (unlike KTape), has great
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Acupuncture for Frozen Shoulder

You’re a female in your forties when out of the blue your shoulder starts to hurt! You don’t
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Pickleball anyone?

One of the fastest growing recreational activities, especially among seniors, is Pickleball. This fast
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Thank you!

The results are in and I’ve been voted BEST of 2016 in the category of
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Acupuncture Technology

Two of the traditional diagnostic tools used in acupuncture and TCM are the feeling of the pulse
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Voodoo Bands/Tissue Flossing

One of the many myofascial treatments that I use in conjunction with acupuncture, are tissue
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Cupping Therapy

By now everyone is familiar with the telltale circular bruising left behind by cupping therapy
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Treating Superman!

A few weeks ago I was invited to Durango, Co to be a part of the Sports Medicine Team at
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Flying Samaritans Phoenix

Volunteers from Flying SamaritansFlying Samaritans clinic.I just returned from a weekend
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Sensei…or Grasshopper?

So what, if anything, did I learn from my time in India?1. Puppies don’t discriminate…we are all just
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These are a few of the faces that I’ll remember from my trip. There are many faces to go along
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How do you say “Push?

I took the time to learn a few words of Tamil before I went to Kodai…and they served me well
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Second Week…

This gentleman came to see me almost everyday with a diagnosis of bilateral OA of the knees.
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