That’s a wrap

Sorry it’s taken a while to finish up the trip on this blog…sidetracked by the most recent school

Stairways to heaven

Lots of stairs in Peru…lots and lots of stairs! Proof that every now and again, we went DOWN

Magical Machu Picchu

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity after all the work was said and done, to travel to Machu Picchu.


The amount of trust these Peruvians showed us, continues to warm my heart. It’s a bit

Buena Vista

Project Buena Vista is the love child of our fearless leader, Laura Reyda and her husband Flor.

Her name was Lola…

Moving our camp from Pilcopata to Buena Vista involved a 45 minute van ride and a 30 minute

Pilcopata Clinic #1

Let’s get started! This is what we came for…acupuncture in the jungle! We worked 2 days

From the Andes to the rain forest..

Day 2 we packed up all our food and acupuncture supplies into a van and headed

Coca tea and Big White Jesus

My outreach mission completed, it’s time to try and share some of the beauty of this land

My latest adventure…

What will the faces look like in Peru?! I decided it was time to find out. So in April, I’ll be off for 2

Acupuncture vs Dry Needling…

Full disclaimer. I am a licensed Acupuncturist. And, after a wonderful weekend with Sue

Acupuncture Therapy: Tools of the Trade

Everybody thinks needles, of course, when you refer to Acupuncture Therapy. Rightly so! But

Dynamic Taping

I love #Dynamic Taping. The tape itself stretches in every direction (unlike KTape), has great

Acupuncture for Frozen Shoulder

You’re a female in your forties when out of the blue your shoulder starts to hurt! You don’t

Pickleball anyone?

One of the fastest growing recreational activities, especially among seniors, is Pickleball. This fast

Thank you!

The results are in and I’ve been voted BEST of 2016 in the category of

Acupuncture Technology

Two of the traditional diagnostic tools used in acupuncture and TCM are the feeling of the pulse

Voodoo Bands/Tissue Flossing

One of the many myofascial treatments that I use in conjunction with acupuncture, are tissue

Cupping Therapy

By now everyone is familiar with the telltale circular bruising left behind by cupping therapy

Treating Superman!

A few weeks ago I was invited to Durango, Co to be a part of the Sports Medicine Team at

Flying Samaritans Phoenix

Volunteers from Flying SamaritansFlying Samaritans clinic.I just returned from a weekend

Sensei…or Grasshopper?

So what, if anything, did I learn from my time in India?1. Puppies don’t discriminate…we are all just


These are a few of the faces that I’ll remember from my trip. There are many faces to go along

How do you say “Push?

I took the time to learn a few words of Tamil before I went to Kodai…and they served me well

Second Week…

This gentleman came to see me almost everyday with a diagnosis of bilateral OA of the knees.