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AZ Spine Disc & Sport offers physical medicine chiropractic care, sports medicine, drug-free pain management and other wellness services. The office serves Phoenix and the metro area. The specialists and staff at AZ Spine Disc & Sport are committed to providing solutions to address your unique pain needs. We also provide care for pain resulting from motor vehicle accidents, personal injury and work related injury (workman’s compensation). If you are looking to improve your overall health, our team can help you attain your everyday wellness goals! Visit our testimonials page to find out what our patients are saying about our doctor and our health care plans.







Corrective Chiropractic: ChiroFysio Method™

Sports and Physical Medicine

Joint Pain

In Home Neuropathy

Personal Injury

Corrective Chiropractic: ChiroFysio Method™

Sports and Physical Medicine

Joint Pain

In Home Neuropathy

Personal Injury

Meet Dr. Breure

Chiropractic Physician

With more people working long hours at their computers, it’s no surprise that each year millions of Americans turn to their chiropractors, medical doctors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists to help alleviate nagging neck and back problems. Some receive treatment that offers only temporary relief, such as massage or acupuncture, while others will suffer the pain of spinal misalignment, often with dangerous pressure on the nerves. Without proper realignment of the spine, the same nerve interference responsible for back or neck pain will also cause vital organs to dysfunction and go into a state of disease.

Correcting spinal misalignments eliminates excessive and dangerous pressure on the nerves, and restores vital nerve flow to the limbs and organs – promoting healing and proper function of the organs. Dr. Eric Breure’s treatments use a measurable, results-oriented corrective chiropractic technique. Patients under corrective care report not only an end to their pain and discomfort, but, more importantly, a sense of revitalization, energy and wellness.

Dr. Breure was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. He received his doctorate at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. While practicing in Amsterdam, he developed and trademarked the ChiroFysio Method-, a corrective care technique and protocols used in measured correction of patient’s conditions in Phoenix, Arizona.

While in Europe, Dr. Breure worked with many athletes including Dutch Olympians, professional soccer players, professional tennis players, golfers, as well as MMA fighters and various other athletes and their disciplines.

He treats all his patients like athletes to ensure the most optimal results possible, no matter what age or physical condition they are in.

Dr. Breure’s main goal is to bring the out the most optimum performance out of every individual, so that everyone will have the tools to set themselves up for the highest quality of life possible, now and into the future.

What are patients are saying about us


I am passionate about my Chiropractic Lifestyle Choices. I literally received my first adjustment when I was born 71 years ago, under the care of my father who was a Palmer College of Chiropractic Graduate. Proudly I can say I was personally adjusted by Dr. B.J. Palmer himself, who was the Developer of Chiropractic. Dr. Palmer believed misaligned vertebrae in our spinal structure contributes to the nerve interference, which in turn contributes to all sickness, disease and at times, pain. Science today continues to prove Dr. Palmer right.

Respect YOUR LIFE - YOU Owe It To Yourself!!

Live the BEST Natural And Preventative Care to enhance your skeleton system and maintain a strong immune system ALL Without Drugs!!

It is OUR Responsibility to ourselves, our family and employers.

"THANK YOU Dr. Eric Breure of A Z Spine Disc & Sport for being a major part in assisting me and my family to live our life to the fullest".

From my Day 1 meeting and continuing through my past 8 years, Dr. Breure respectfully listened and proceeded with an excellent evaluation process and customized a plan to fit my individual needs.

Personally, "Dr. Breure Has Given Me My Life Back"!! Following his recommendations and me continuing to choose monthly visits, Dr. Breure has helped make an incredible life style change for me.

I have herniated and bulging discs in my low back since a severe fall in 1996. No other Chiropractors and Medical Dr.s were able to help me as much as Dr. Breure.

"NEVER GIVE UP - NOT ALL Chiropractors are alike". But, if you haven't tried Chiropractic, and especially Dr. Eric Breure with A Z Spine Disc & Sport, YOU Haven't Tried Everything!!

One bonus: Dr. Breure expertly set me up with Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers 3 years ago, which I wear daily. NO More low back and sciatica pain!!

Chiropractic Care for me and my family: Enhances us all to maintain a strong immune system. My 9 year old grandson continues to be under Dr. Breure's care. Birth is one of the most traumatic events we each start our life journey with. My grandson has remained under Chiropractic Care since he was 1 week old. He has had NO usual childhood health issues: Colic, ear infections, strep throat, flu, colds. It has also helped him considerably during his teething times, never sick and made for a happy baby and parents! In fact, we choose to have him receive monthly adjustments to keep him functioning to the best he can. At times, we ask Dr. Breure to give him an "Attitude Adjustment", within minutes his behavior will change for the better!

Dr. Breure has several modalities he can use to assist our needs, one of our favorites "The Activator" to adjust our sinus's which lessons our allergy reactions.

Please keep in mind to consult with Dr. Breure should you be involved in an auto accident. Our body is a shock absorber - and we too have effects from the same impact as our car!!

Dr. Breure is specialized with Personal Injury Cases and I personally have had the experience of knowing how important it was to be examined and taken care of quickly after my auto accident.

I have family and friends who continue to thank me for referring them to Dr. Eric Breure and A Z Spine Disc & Sport.

There are so many daily hazards that we deal with that will have long term effects if we don't respect ourselves enough to be proactive: cell phones, video games, computers, desk jobs, poor posture habits.

PLEASE "Live Longer, Healthier And Pain Free From Drugs - We all have a brain and nervous system that controls every function of our body".

Take Care Of You and Your Loved Ones - make an appointment with Dr. Eric Breure and A Z Spine Disc & Sport today!!

Linda Townsend- Chandler, AZ




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